K+A is dedicated to the creation and success of challenger brands. Clients say they work with us for one or more of these reasons:

Our results speak volumes

Kane+Associates stands on the results of its work. We have helped new companies cut through market clutter and generated sales quickly. From breakthrough broadband to private equity houses, our work has helped transform perceptions and create fortunes.

We are extremely focussed

Kane+Associates focuses exclusively on creating champion brands. We understand the intricate relationship of marketing and sales required to build a high-end brand. We appreciate the tension inherent in growing sales and maintaining the allure of desirability. These are not issues that affect all brands which is why we believe it demands experienced expertise.

We have in-depth experience

Kane+Associates is made up of ex-Directors of major UK and international agencies. We have a wealth of experience across many disciplines including branding, advertising, print, digital design and exhibition design. We have no junior staff - just highly experienced and proven talent that deliver you bottom-line results.

We are proven

One of the original purposes of starting Kane+Associates was to be able to create tangible value in everything we do. The things we can now point our finger at and say we did that include –Be which sold for £55M 1.5 years after inception. Helped XL.com become fastest growing charter airline. Worked on creating the fastest growing supercar club brand in London - the only one to have survived during 2008 recession - that now continues to grow internationally.